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Sajilo Parking specializes in parking management system uses QR codes for efficient tracking and billing. Specialized features, cost-effective, and improves user experience. Tailored to fit any organization's needs.

A parking management app with the ability to input a vehicle number, vehicle type, and print out a QR code would allow for more detailed and accurate tracking of vehicles in the parking lot. The process would work like this:

  1. The parking boy would use the mobility device to open the app and input the vehicle number and type.

  2. The system would then generate a unique QR code, which would be associated with that specific vehicle.

  3. The parking boy would then print out the QR code and give it to the customer.

  4. When the customer returns to the parking lot, they would scan the QR code with their mobile device, which would record the time of entry and assign the parked vehicle to that specific spot.

  5. When the customer leaves, the parking boy would scan the QR code again, and the system would calculate the parking fee based on the time spent and print out a receipt.

This system would improve the accuracy of tracking and billing for parking, as it would eliminate the possibility of human error and ensure that each vehicle is properly recorded and charged for the time it spent in the parking lot.

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